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is ranked #16407 in the world

Unique Visitors

  • 44.31 thousands unique visits per day.
  • 1.33 millions monthly unique visitors.
  • -10.35% change over the 3 past months.

Page Views

  • 201.38 thousands daily page views.
  • 6.04 millions monthly page views.
  • -10.35% change over the 3 past months.

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United StatesUnited States2%




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读秀学术搜索是完整的文献搜索及获取服务平台,其后台建构在由海量全文数据及元数据组成的超大型数据库基础上。以10亿页中文资料为基础,为读者提供深入内容的章节和全文检索、部分文献试读、参考咨询等多种功能。收入中文图书300多万种,有包括中文期刊近7000万篇等中文元数据。 其一站式检索实现了馆藏纸质图书、电子图书、学术文章等各种异构资源在同一平台的统一检索和获取。为读者学习、研究、写论文、做课题提供全面准确的学术资料和获取知识资源的捷径,为用户提供全面的数字图书馆整体解决方案和文献资源服务。


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Domain WHOIS lookup

  • Domain First Registration: October 8, 2004
  • Domain Age: 19 years, 6 months, 13 days

Internet Archive History

  • First snapshots : July 21, 2003
  • Estimated age : 20 years, 9 months, 0 days

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Search engines results pages (SERP)

797K Min 818K Avg Max 839K
As of now, has 818K results in the Search Engines Results Pages.
Maximum result count is of 839K on one of the main SERP.
This website has a strong presence on major search websites.

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linking into
This website has 6.6 millions backlinks.

Unique domains backlinks


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linking in.
This website has 882 unique domains backlinks.

Domain Authority

14 / 100 is established as a high domain and website authority,
with a mark of 14 out of 100.

Page Authority

50 / 100

The Home page (or index url) has a strong domain authority,
with a mark of 50 out of 100

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Estimated revenue from ads

  • 364 US dollars per day from advertising.
  • 10.91 thousands USD earned monthly from advertising.
  • -30.71% change over the 3 past months.
    * Estimated figures based upon a theoretical revenue from ads.
  • Estimated website valuation



  • This site is estimated at 196.4 thousands US dollars, based upon its current estimated advertising cashflows
  • % change over the 3 past months.
    * Estimated figures based upon a theoretical revenue from ads.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    In the below section you will find all the most popular questions about this website.

    What is ? is the worldwide known website or portal of DUXIU

    How old is site ?
    The domain name DUXIU.COM was registered 19 years, 6 months, 13 days ago (2004-10-08).
    We have found live activity from the website dated 20 years, 9 months, 0 days ago (2003-07-21).

    Where are visitors from ?
    Visitors are known to be mainly located in : China, United States, Hong Kong SAR China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore.

    Is a high-traffic site ?
    Yes! is one of the strongest website in the world. We have computed a Mysite Rank of #16407. It receives every day nearly 44.31 thousands unique visitors from all around the world.

    Is trustworthy ?
    Yes. This website has not been reported as scam or malicious.

    Who visits this site ?
    Our traffic statistics on show that the major percentage of visitors is from China.

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